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Wild Wood Bakehouse Review (Austin Texas)

Wildwood Bakery Austin TexasCould it be true? A 100% Gluten Free bakery, serving real food? That is exactly the experience I had when I tried out this place last night.

Wild Wood Bakehouse is located near downtown Austin, Texas. In a town full of ‘gluten free options’ that I have been told as a Celiac they are not safe for me to actually eat, it is refreshing to find a place that is dedicated to providing an entire gluten free menu and even boasts that they are “the only gluten free kitchen in Austin”.

The options were almost overwhelming as most restaurants give you a toned down, one sided menu that you can choose from (don’t get me wrong, still glad to even have the option!). After reading over the menu I knew this would be a place I would be coming to more than once.

Started out with an appetizer of onion rings, then ordered Chicken Fried Steak (yes, that’s right, Gluten Free CHICKEN FRIED STEAK!). Now that is something I haven’t had in a good 11 years now, in those pre-celiac days. I was able to get a picture before devouring my meal, the basket of onion rings really didn’t have a chance (as you can see the basket is pretty empty).

My husband ordered the Lasagna (pictured to the left of the chicken fried steak).  My non Celiac husband thought the food was delicious, and “not just gluten free delicious… delicious as real food delicious”. I know some of my non Celiac friends humor me from time to time with the “oh yeah, thats good” but we all know what they are really thinking. Happy to say this was not the case here!

Delicious Cheese Cake

Delicious Cheese Cake

For dessert, there wasn’t a shortage of options and upon coming in I had already decided I would order two to try, however I was so full after the meal that we only had room to share one. We decided on the Lemon Cheese Cake.

If you are ever in Austin TX, this is one Gluten Free Bakehouse you must try!



KIND PLUS Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants Gluten Free Bars

With only 190 calories and lots of antioxidants the Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants KIND bars are the perfect snack on the go or for a delicious breakfast. I personally love them because they are filling compared to other bars I have tried.

Two of my favorite Kind bars are the Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants and Almonds and Apricots in Yogurt.

  • Free of Wheat and Dairy
  • Non-GMO, No Trans Fats
  • No Hydrogenated Oils or Sulphur Dioxide
  • Gluten Free
  • All natural and a good source of fiber

They are so delicious you guys gotta try them! Check them out on the links below!

And this one too!

Hickory Street in Austin TX

Over this past summer I moved from Los Angeles to Austin Texas and now that I am finally getting settled in I can start posting more!  At first I was sad to leave all the gluten free places that California has to offer but to my surprise Austin has tons (and I mean tons) of gluten free restaurants and stores carrying gluten free products!

Hickory Street in Austin TX

Hickory Street in Austin TX

One of my favorite places to eat has to be Hickory Street located in the heart of downtown Austin on Congress Ave.  Most of their menu has the GF symbol next to it.  They have everything from GF wings (with GF sauce and dressing) to Gluten Free fried chicken (pictured below).  It actually tastes just like the ‘real’ thing! I was almost afraid to eat it cause it tasted so good.

Hickory Street Austin TX

Hickory Street Gluten Free Fried Chicken

I also tried their pork nachos (pictured below) that were delicious.  The menu has a lot of items to choose from so I will be returning to review more later : )

Hickory Street

Hickory Street Gluten Free Pork Nachos

So if you are ever visiting Austin make sure to check out Hickory Street on 800 Congress Ave!  They also have a great Happy Hour M-F 3-7.

The Cravings Place Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix

The Cravings Place Cookies

Ok, so I didn’t make any special meals for the 4th of July weekend…but I did make cookies!  I tried a new baking mix by The Cravings Place.  Their Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix is egg free, dairy free, gluten free and nut free.

The cookies have a different taste then a regular cookie mix,  they have almost a biscuit type texture to them.  It comes with alot of big chocolate chunks, although I did add some Hershey chocolate chips in: )  I ended up eating quite a bit of the cookie doh like I always do however since they don’t call for eggs I didn’t have a stomach ache afterward!  I’m definitely going to be buying more of this mix, it made for some delicious cookies and cookie doh!

Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix

For anyone interested in buying this mix I bought it at Whole Foods and you can view their site at The Cravings Place.

the cravings place gluten free

Udi’s Gluten Free Bread

Udi's Gluten Free FoodsAnother one of my purchases at Whole Foods was Udi’s Gluten Free Bread.  I was buying some bread mix when I realized that they also sold already made gluten free bread!  I wasn’t sure if it would be as good as the bread mixes I usually use.  The bread mixes I usually use to make bread come out really soft inside and somewhat crispy crust.

It turned out really good!  I personally liked it either grilled or just heated up it up in the microwave to make it a tad bit softer.  It makes for some great sandwiches!  The upside of this bread over the bread mix is that these are already cut into the perfect size sandwich slices.  Sometimes the bread mix bread is kind of hard to eat or make into sandwiches since it falls apart and is hard to cut.

So if you want some great gluten free bread and have a Whole Foods around you, try some out!  You can also search on Udi’s Gluten Free part of the site for a location near you that carries Udi’s products.

Think Thin Protein Bars

Think Thin Protein BarsI went shopping yesterday at Whole Foods since I recently found out that they carry a alot of gluten free products.  As I entered the store and started walking towards the gluten free baking section a lady asked me to try some samples of a new protein bar that came out.  I told her no thank you because I couldn’t have gluten.  However to my surprise she said that these were gluten free Think Thin Protein Bars.  I read the box and and sure enough, they were all gluten free (and sugar free!).  I tried a sample and it was delicious!  Every protein bar that they carry contains 20 grams of protein and 0 grams sugar along with being gluten free, I don’t know how they make it taste so good!

I ending up trying the chunky peanut butter protein bar, dark chocolate protein bar and of course their Lemon Creme Pie Dessert Bar (pictured above).

I do live a good bit away from Whole Foods so I don’t make the trip often and they do cost about $2 a piece, so they aren’t exactly something I will be buying all the time (even though I would love to try all of them to see if they are all just as good!).

You can even buy Think Thin Protein Bars Online if you don’t live close enough to a whole foods to buy some of these great tasting protein (and dessert) bars!

Chipotle Mexican Grill

It can be really hard to eat out especially when you can’t see what touches what in the back of the kitchen.  I really like going to Chipotle since I can always watch what touches what and make my decision based on it.  I opt for some chicken (which is really good) and rice in a bowl.  Sometimes (like in this picture) I will ask for some sour cream, lettice and cheese.

Be sure though if you do ask for something (like cheese) that they use their hands to grab that you ask them for some fresh cheese.  The reason I ask is because they use the same gloved hand to grab your cheese and they do to roll up another persons wheat burrito.  It is kind of annoying to have to ask for this request – It would be nice if they used utensils for all of their condiments, not just some.

They do offer corn tortillas, however I am still weary of them since the heater they put them in (I believe) is also used for the other wheat tortillas.

So if your ever in a Chipotle wondering what you can have, try the chicken and rice!

Fresh Brothers Boneless Bites

Fresh Brothers Boneless BitesI’ve been super excited ever since Fresh Brothers announced on their Facebook that they would now be serving chicken fingers.  When I first saw the announcement I went and tried to order some but sadly they were only in their testing stages.

So finally I saw that they were offically done their testing stages and that their chicken fingers were ready to be purchased and eaten!  I was pretty excited to see what they tasted like since I haven’t had chicken fingers in 7 years.  Tonight I was able to go out and try some!

I called ahead and ordered 8 gluten free chicken fingers that they said would come out to $11.52, which I thought was a pretty good deal.  However once I got there they kept calling them wings, which made me worried they were going to give me wings so I checked to see what they looked like before I left.  To my surprise they are not chicken fingers at all!  They are actually tiny chicken pieces (reminded me of the ones you can get at Chic-Fil-A).  I’m going to be honest and say that I was pretty disappointed since they advertised them as chicken fingers and they were really “Boneless Bites” as they call them…not exactly what I was expecting.

Would I pay over $11 for these Boneless Bites again?  Probably not, I mean yes, they were good…just not what I expected.  So definitely check them out if your in the area, just don’t count on them being chicken fingers!  I will say I prefer their pizza over their other gluten free products.  Apparently they also have gluten free cookies now too.

Tasty Bite – Jaipur Vegetables

TastyBite Jaipur VegetablesTasty Bite makes a super easy way to eat gluten free Indian food! This was one of my finds the other day at Fresh & Easy Market.  I was pretty excited to try it, I love spicy foods!

I tried their Jaipur Vegetables and really enjoyed it!  Honestly while I was eating it I was trying to figure out how on earth I would describe it.  It was spicy, but it was kind of weird just how it was.  It tasted nice and spicy (though not as spicy as I enjoy…I like it so spicy that my eyes water).  But it was very spicy going down my throat…which I’m not sure I’ve experienced before?  Did I say the word spicy enough : )

And of course for those you would like to know what exactly does this pre-packed meal contain? Not only is it gluten free it does not contain any MSG, preservatives, it is Kosher along with being vegetarian.

Anyway it is definitely something I would try if you can get your hands on some!  I checked out the Tasty Bite website and you can order them online.

Fresh & Easy

Fresh & Easy Gluten Free SignsI apologize for the extra grainy photo!  I was in Fresh & Easy grocery store today when I realized that under anything they carry that is gluten free they have this label that states it is gluten free!  It also talks about a listing that you can pick up with all the gluten free foods they carry.

I just had to take a photo and let you guys know if you have a Fresh & Easy around you to check them out!  I picked up a couple gluten free items that I will soon blog about once I try them!