Chipotle Mexican Grill

It can be really hard to eat out especially when you can’t see what touches what in the back of the kitchen.  I really like going to Chipotle since I can always watch what touches what and make my decision based on it.  I opt for some chicken (which is really good) and rice in a bowl.  Sometimes (like in this picture) I will ask for some sour cream, lettice and cheese.

Be sure though if you do ask for something (like cheese) that they use their hands to grab that you ask them for some fresh cheese.  The reason I ask is because they use the same gloved hand to grab your cheese and they do to roll up another persons wheat burrito.  It is kind of annoying to have to ask for this request – It would be nice if they used utensils for all of their condiments, not just some.

They do offer corn tortillas, however I am still weary of them since the heater they put them in (I believe) is also used for the other wheat tortillas.

So if your ever in a Chipotle wondering what you can have, try the chicken and rice!

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