Fresh Brothers Boneless Bites

Fresh Brothers Boneless BitesI’ve been super excited ever since Fresh Brothers announced on their Facebook that they would now be serving chicken fingers.  When I first saw the announcement I went and tried to order some but sadly they were only in their testing stages.

So finally I saw that they were offically done their testing stages and that their chicken fingers were ready to be purchased and eaten!  I was pretty excited to see what they tasted like since I haven’t had chicken fingers in 7 years.  Tonight I was able to go out and try some!

I called ahead and ordered 8 gluten free chicken fingers that they said would come out to $11.52, which I thought was a pretty good deal.  However once I got there they kept calling them wings, which made me worried they were going to give me wings so I checked to see what they looked like before I left.  To my surprise they are not chicken fingers at all!  They are actually tiny chicken pieces (reminded me of the ones you can get at Chic-Fil-A).  I’m going to be honest and say that I was pretty disappointed since they advertised them as chicken fingers and they were really “Boneless Bites” as they call them…not exactly what I was expecting.

Would I pay over $11 for these Boneless Bites again?  Probably not, I mean yes, they were good…just not what I expected.  So definitely check them out if your in the area, just don’t count on them being chicken fingers!  I will say I prefer their pizza over their other gluten free products.  Apparently they also have gluten free cookies now too.

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