Tasty Bite – Jaipur Vegetables

TastyBite Jaipur VegetablesTasty Bite makes a super easy way to eat gluten free Indian food! This was one of my finds the other day at Fresh & Easy Market.  I was pretty excited to try it, I love spicy foods!

I tried their Jaipur Vegetables and really enjoyed it!  Honestly while I was eating it I was trying to figure out how on earth I would describe it.  It was spicy, but it was kind of weird just how it was.  It tasted nice and spicy (though not as spicy as I enjoy…I like it so spicy that my eyes water).  But it was very spicy going down my throat…which I’m not sure I’ve experienced before?  Did I say the word spicy enough : )

And of course for those you would like to know what exactly does this pre-packed meal contain? Not only is it gluten free it does not contain any MSG, preservatives, it is Kosher along with being vegetarian.

Anyway it is definitely something I would try if you can get your hands on some!  I checked out the Tasty Bite website and you can order them online.

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