Think Thin Protein Bars

Think Thin Protein BarsI went shopping yesterday at Whole Foods since I recently found out that they carry a alot of gluten free products.  As I entered the store and started walking towards the gluten free baking section a lady asked me to try some samples of a new protein bar that came out.  I told her no thank you because I couldn’t have gluten.  However to my surprise she said that these were gluten free Think Thin Protein Bars.  I read the box and and sure enough, they were all gluten free (and sugar free!).  I tried a sample and it was delicious!  Every protein bar that they carry contains 20 grams of protein and 0 grams sugar along with being gluten free, I don’t know how they make it taste so good!

I ending up trying the chunky peanut butter protein bar, dark chocolate protein bar and of course their Lemon Creme Pie Dessert Bar (pictured above).

I do live a good bit away from Whole Foods so I don’t make the trip often and they do cost about $2 a piece, so they aren’t exactly something I will be buying all the time (even though I would love to try all of them to see if they are all just as good!).

You can even buy Think Thin Protein Bars Online if you don’t live close enough to a whole foods to buy some of these great tasting protein (and dessert) bars!

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